Project management

The Project management module supports the implementation of projects and orders, their calculation, planning, management, control and evaluation.

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The module allows you to manage team members, record actual time usage, monitor the effectiveness of specific activities, and do billing.

The Project Management Module allows

  • Planning workers’ time and availability of material resources , taking into account requirements and limitations (such as other work, holidays, illness).
  • Tracking project status and priorities, approve activities and expenses .
  • Viewing project plan fulfillment .
  • Comparing plan and reality in total values ​​as well as details.
  • Keeping and sharing all necessary information (documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photos …) in a single, easily accessible place.

Tips & tricks

  • Projects can be divided into individual phases, subprojects , stages and tasks. At the end of a project or part of it, you can issue the invoice to the customer based on your budget by clicking a single button.
  • Plan performance can be continually evaluated in terms of terms, finance, or capacities. Planned revenue, costs, and profits can be easily comapred with reality.
  • The execution of a plan or its parts is the responsibility of one person,, who tracks the status of the project, sets the priority of the tasks and approves the specific steps. The system allows you to trace in detail which part of the job has caused the biggest problem and expedite its solution.
  • For each project, it is possible to plan financial revenue and costs in a clear and detailed way. Current cost and revenue information is displayed online from accounting.

  • Projects are mutually linked . By setting their relationship, you will ensure optimal plan fulfillment.
  • Data overview


    • All necessary assets are easily and quickly available in one place .

    • Project plan fulfillment can be viewed globally from the point of view of the entire project or its sub-sections as well as from the perspective of the individual people involved.

    • The module allows you to display a schedule in a Gantt chart .

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