The module provides comprehensive records of tangible, intangible, long-term and low-value property.

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The module works with documents of purchase, performs classification, enables altering prices (technical estimation), enables enumeration and accounting of tax and book depreciation, full or partial discarding of property.

Besides simple property cards it also records property containing unpriced elements; records collections of res mobiles of property Agenda containing series of variants of printouts, including depreciation plan.

The module offers you

  • Overview of depreciated price and other prices on property card
  • Division of property by type, physical location and person responsible
  • Definable accounting and tax depreciation groups of property
  • Support for records of collection of res mobiles of property containing evaluated elements
  • Property acquisition and Changes of property prices agendas with possibility of drawing amounts from proofs of purchase (invoices etc.)
  • possibility of tax depreciation according to book depreciation and vice versa
  • Graphical representation of time behaviour of depreciation
  • Counting depreciation write-off down complete withdrawal, possibility of tracking of depreciation development in years to come

Tips & tricks

  • In addition to simple asset cards, the module also records property that contains unrated features ; records movable assets and asset agenda, containing a variety of print outputs including a depreciation plan.

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