The Purchasing module guides the user through the purchasing process in a natural way.

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The module benefits from integration with other modules of the system and using orders it handles requests for purchase cumulated in other modules, (e.g. SCM). Create various drawing combinations to the following document among documents of orders issued, mortgaged deeds and invoices received. Realized drawing may be viewed in detail down to individual items.

What does the Purchasing module offer to you?

  • Automatizaci objednávání zboží a materiálů při splnění definovaných podmínek.
  • Úsporu lidské práce díky elektronickému zpracování dokladů dodavatelů ve formátu ISDOC, EDI a dalších B2B formátech.
  • Transparent linkage between documents in the purchasing process with control of delivery completeness and price
  • Quick and detailed overview of currently ordered items
  • Reports of purchase providing overview of suppliers, delivered items, volume of business, credit history and other indicators
  • Electronic approval of received invoices and issued orders including multi-round or multi-centre approvals
  • Ordering and purchasing in random units

Tips & tricks The ABRA Gen purchasing process is smooth and accurate. The system allows you to rate and select vendors based on criteria you set yourself .
  • Is speed vital for you? You can find out who can get the delivery to you first in a few simple steps.
  • Do you prefer peace and security? Select the reliability criteria.
  • Do you need to know who can deliver orders the cheapest? Then you will be interested in the condition that takes into account the delivery cost.

Well-arranged data In the area of purchasing, ABRA Gen will, among other things, allow you to:
  • Get a quick and detailed overview of the currently ordered items and their status.
  • Track serial numbers and batches.
  • Record paid advances
  • Quickly find and even automate what stock items should be ordered.
  • Select preferred vendor automatically based on your own criteria.

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