Restaurant sales

The module is flexible enough to adapt to the specifics of different businesses.

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Thanks to its modularity, the Restaurant sales module can adapt to the size and specifics of a particular business – whether it is serving guests in a network of local cafés, a pastry shop, a family restaurant or the demanding conditions of a spa facility.

You can rely on it in the area of balancing your books and sales revenue. Furthermore, the possibility of connection to the Gastro module will speed up communication with the kitchen. Part of the module is full EET support including the possibility of setting up the system by our technicians.

Restaurant sales module offers

  • Touchscreen Support (cash registers).

  • Easy and easy to use with operation with graphical table layouts and sales points.
  • Division of cash desks to individual premises, sharing cash desks among multiple cashiers.
  • “Smart Line” technology for easy and fast cash register control.
  • Automatic or custom chair labeling by tables, the option of opening an unlimited number of bills per table.
  • The ability to split and merge bills or transfer them to another table.
  • Print of graphically well-arranged bills with the ability to customize specific items individually.
  • Mirror for fast hand over inventory processing between shifts directly at the cash desk.

Tips & tricks

  • Customers can pay by cash, card, check or voucher .
  • The system can work with different types of discounts that you specify yourself. Please your guests with a drink for free at a specific hour, or give them a loyalty discount to show your appreciation.
  • Various peripherals can be connected to the cash register – printers, barcode readers, payment terminals, cash drawers, customer displays and scales.

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