Retail sales

Provides fast servicing of a customer at the cash register in a shop with a random range of goods.

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Supports different variants of settlements of sale, e.g. cash in different currencies, cheques, luncheon vouchers, payment cards and payment terminals.

The Retail Sales module offers:

  • Creating a complete POS (sales place) in co-operation with cash registers.
  • Printing graphically well-arranged receipts with the option of individually setting specific items.
  • Track revenue and ensure their deduction.
  • Possibility to deploy as a separate cash register in one store or as multiple cash registers in one store
  • Product identification by bar codes EAN and PLU codes, full support of special barcodes (weight, price).
  • Support of working in shifts..

Tips and tricks

  • All needed features on one screen . Carging of goods, item search, receipt printing and other sales processes can be done with just a touch of your finger. You can define up to 900 items with a separate button on the touch screen.
  • Sales orders are also entered in the cash register through Smart command Line .
    By combining letters, characters, and digits, a specific operation is executed, such as searching for goods or displaying the required information. The input line can also read the barcode reader data.
  • The module is linked directly to the current warehouse status and pricelists . The result is a quick view of prices and stock items.
  • The module allows various peripheral devices to connect to the cash register – printers, barcode readers, payment terminals, cash drawers, customer displays and scales.
    • Online scales are connected via a serial port. Offline scales are linked to the cash register by printing a barcode sticker and price or weight information.
    • The module can also be connected to a credit card reader.
    • Non-standard requirements can also be solved through customization tools, such as automatically counting the packaging weight when selling weighted goods.
    • As a part of the module, the “Price Viewer” feature allows customers to display the price and description of the selected merchandise by means of a bar code scanner.
    • On the Slovak market, the module supports online communication with fiscal printers, in the Czech Republic with EET.

Well-arranged data

  • By entering search criteria, you can easily find specific items and see detailed information and an image.
  • You can also swiftly find a customer in your bussiness adressbook.
  • The system allows you to balance your accounts – in terms of revenue and sold goods. Their report can be printed and viewed.
  • You can set individual revenue tracking for each salesman as well as for each store.

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