Selling well means knowing for what price and under what conditions to offer particular goods.

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The Sales Module supports the entire business process from order through billing and cash sales to delivery and evaluation.

Module settings can be fully customized to individual business policies and a specific sales network. Clear, detailed, and quickly available customer, revenue, and margin information will help you decide what works best in sales. This gives you a huge advantage – you will be absolutely sure to know the price range you can sell in order for the sale to pay off.

The Sales Module offers:

  • Many forms of sales : based on an offer or order, from a warehouse, delivering larger orders, selling services.
  • Scheduling and tracking of the bidding process including success rate evaluation.
  • Making bids with yield calculation, Listing different bid versions and comparing them.
  • Linking the entire sales process to an e-shop integrated in IS ABRA.
  • Tracking a margin or rebate for individual documents with delivery dates.
  • Use of mobile terminals when you need information about warehouse stocks when working in the field
  • Sales reports that contain both comprehensive and detailed customer information, sales, product structure, payment patterns, regions, commodity groups, seasonality etc.

Tips & tricks

  • An essential part of the sales process is a well-established price that can be set up in the system under predefined rules. In addition to the main price lists with any number of prices, you can also create individual pricelists with time and discounted, corporate, stock or regional deals using bulk revaluation tools.
  • There is no weak spot for ABRA Gen users in pricing. From the available sources that influence the price, you can determine its ideal amount and then offer financial, piece, assortment, and other discounts accordingly.
  • Customer Behavior Analysis allows you to watch customer’s online bonuses – when they spend a given amount you can instantly please them with a nice surprise in the form of gifts, discounts or other rewards.
  • The system is careful to not let the margin drop below the desired value.

Overview data
In terms of sales, ABRA Gen will allow you, among other things:

  • to get aggregated and detailed reports about customers and their groups in the form of revenue, volumes, structure of purchased products, and payment morals, regions.
  • to list items and groups of items .
  • Global views for trends, seasonality, stock performance and margin .
  • to track serial numbers and batches .
  • to record paid advances

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