WMS Mobile Terminal

Mobile warehouse keeper maintains order in the warehouse.

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The WMS Mobile Terminal app (Mobilní skladník) works in the warehouse quickly, flawlessly and effectively- and all of that online. It makes use of portable mobile terminals and 1D barcodes or 2D codes, which means no more time unnecessarily spent at the computer.

Just point the terminal at the barcode or add data directly to the touchscreen, and everything else will be done by WMS Mobile Terminal in cooperation with ABRA Gen . The worker does not have to leave their workplace at the warehouse for the computer at all.


percentual improvement in the area of traceability


percentual increase of availability of information on the current state of the inventory


percentual acceleration of work speed with warehouse documents.

Key features of the mobile terminal

  • Fast work with barcodes and label print online right in the warehouse.
  • Support of structured and unstructured warehouses.
  • Automatic matching of stock receipt cards and issuead purchase orders and other documents
  • Paper-free work with warehouse items using a mobile terminal.

Labelling of items

  • By reading a barcode, a storck receipt card can be assigned to a new product.
  • To one product multiple barcodes can be assigned (each supplier has their own)
  • Multiple products can have the same EAN, the mobile terminal will be able to handle it and let the operator choose the correct one.
  • Online printing of labels through TCP/IP or Bluetooth to Avery Dennison and Zebra printers
  • Support of 1D and 2D codes (carrying all the information at once – EAN, batch/serial number, number of pieces in the box and unit.).
  • Support of smart batch generation
  • Support of bulk label printing

Receipt and dispatch from the warehouse

  • Work queues for warehouse keepers by which an office worker online determines the priorities for warehouse work and tracks the progress.
  • Possibility of dividing the work with documents – the storekeeper prepares part of the delivery note one day and completes the work the next day.
  • Creation of receipt card/ material issue slip with or without connection to an order (or multiple orders).
  • Positioning an existing receipt / expense document (the document is created in ABRA Gen, positioning in the terminal).
  • Creating receipt cards of finished products for the warehouse or dispatch, or material return to and from production (following the production module in ABRA Gen)
  • Depending on machine production, the material can be moved between production orders
  • Smart linking of stock out and return of material to production using IP scales for online weight readings in the document
  • The system proposes positions to the warehouse keeper where goods should be stored and suggests the best route for unloading a delivery.

Transfer between warehouses and positions

  • Support of transfer between warehouses, whether they are structured, unstructured or a combination of both.
  • Dynamic behaviour of the terminal
  • support of transfer of products/ material between positions.
  • Positioning for each line of a document or for all rows at once.

Stoc inventory

  • Fast inventory of the entire warehouse or its parts.
  • Full support for batches and serial numbers like in the entire system.
  • Full support of position inventory (positioning warehouse).

Other handy features

  • The terminal smartly recognizes whether it is being received on a positioning or non-deployed storage and with which product card it is working (serial numbers, batch, simple card), and behaves accordingly.
  • Intuitive and very fast work with products with a serial number.
  • The termianls tells the operator on reception where the product is located or was in the past.
  • The dispatch terminal offers a list of positions available for removal from storage.
  • Fast full-text search for products without EAN and for databases with more than 100,000 products.
  • Useful agendas to quickly display status on warehouses by EAN product with the option of filtering by warehouse (including warehouse positions and lots).
  • Remote configuration of parameters of individual terminals directly from ABRA Gen.
  • High degree of adaptability of each terminal.
  • PIN sign-in and personalized document creation (you can always find out who created, edited, or deleted the document).
  • During work on an order it is possible to cross out items on the order (in the next steps, only items that were not yet crossed out will appear)
  • Automatic download of new product versions to the mobile terminal.
  • Possibility of remote setting of parameters of individual terminals directly from ABRA Gen.
  • Vast configuration options for each terminal separately.
  • Each user accesses the system using a PIN, and all documents are stored in ABRA Gen personally (you can always find out who created, edited, or deleted the document).

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