Payroll and Human Resources Management

Process payroll error-free and on time based on available documents and in accordance with applicable laws.

Payroll processing and human resources management in ERP ABRA Gen

Why Processing Payroll Agenda in ABRA Gen is a Good Idea

  • Process payroll correctly and on time every month, including deductions, insurance and tax
  • Automate the calculation of payroll sheets and the mailing of electronic payslips
  • Communication with authorities is fast and effective thanks to electronic submissions
  • Payroll balances are calculated automatically and don’t keep you from other work
  • Obtain a quick overview of the number of employees, the average gross salary or salary costs distributed by individual centers
  • Easily divide salaries by center, project or job

Do you want to automate payroll agenda in your company and make sure you always follow the applicable laws?

Take a look at how payroll processing is
automated with ABRA Gen

Find out more about ABRA Gen features for the
following areas of payroll and HR:

Payroll and HR

Correct and timely processing of salaries, including deductions for insurance and tax.

  • The system discerns between different types of employment: task-based, share-based, hourly and monthly wage, and can obtain performance data from other modules
  • The calculation of payroll sheets is automated, as are other steps, e.g. mailing the payslips
  • Optional automatic start of payroll balance calculations
  • Various reports and other data can be exported to XML; you can make electronic submissions of statements of advance / withholding tax or VAT to the tax portal, where documents are validated in the Trexima system
  • An overview of insurance payment for a given period can be submitted via the CSSZ public interface for electronic filing (VREP)
Mzdy a personalistika v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Payroll and HR in ABRA Gen ERP
Agenda docházky v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Attendance in ABRA Gen ERP


A comprehensive overview of employees’ working hours and work interruption statistics.

  • Basic attendance records;
  • Easy tracking of arrivals, departures and other specified interruptions tof working hours
  • Data are automatically sent to the relevant agendas within the system, such as Payroll Sheets, Performance, Absences and Sickness Benefits
  • Pre-set basic print reports
  • Optional links to external systems for automated attendance registration, such as the Alveno system

Payroll Processing as Part of ABRA Gen Solutions for the Company as a Whole

The all-in-one ABRA Gen information system helps you manage your business as a whole. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interlinked, and your employees work in a single user friendly interface.

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Does your company need to process payroll agenda correctly and on time?

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