Are you in a hurry to find an ERP system that doesn’t require complicated implementation?

Use the Ready2go version of ABRA Gen.
Together, we can make it work in 30 days or less.

Tachometr ukazuje vysoký výkon ERP ABRA Gen

A powerful information system will let you build your business on a firm basis, no matter the pandemic measures. The instant Ready2go version doesn’t require a costly analysis: ABRA Gen can be implemented following a ready-made template based on the experience of thousands of happy customers.

What’s in It for You?

  • A powerful ERP system for the management and running of key company processes in large and medium businesses.
  • A robust e-shop integrated with your information system.
  • All users can work anytime, anywhere, online.
  • A 24/7 sales channel independent of government measures.
  • Initial data migration and user training.
  • A powerful and fully flexible platform supporting the changes and future development of your company.

Why Ready2go?

Ready2go is a full-featured ABRA Gen ERP system which we will get up and running in a preconfigured setup within 30 days so that your company can work online. All the benefits of advanced automation, integration and customization can be addressed afterwards, as part of the long-term development of the system.

Are you in a hurry to move your company online?

Contact us, together we will find a solution.

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