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Electrical technology production

ABRA Software has already delivered several solutions to the segment of electrical technology production and sale; therefore we can offer a comprehensive solution prepared specifically for this field.

5 reason that will persuade you about the benefits of ABRA systems in the field of electrical technology production

  • Automated tool for planning, tracking and providing resources required for realisation of jobs and production orders including provision of material and capacity requirements – SCM.
  • Support for fast processing of jobs, production orders and dispatch documents, including processing large volumes of jobs.
  • Possibility of fast retrieval of exact values of planned production costs, even with classification down to individual items.
  • Alternative technological processes and bills of material supporting tree structure, inverse display.
  • Precise system of product and intermediate product pricing based on physical realisation and production (material outgoings, realisation of operations and cooperation).

Other selected business solution features

  • Digital or drawing-based mapping of production processes, creation of assembly instruction manuals.
  • Exact records of goods location – positioning stores
  • Comparison of planned and actual values of a production order.
  • Capacity planning including determining site, machine and employee substitutability.
  • Automated entry of time cards and operation using terminals, chip or barcode readers linked to wages and attendance system.
  • Possibility for applying on-line technologies for collection and distribution of production and product data (barcodes, industrial scanners, RFID chips, etc.).
  • Visualisation of bills of material and technological processes.

I am interested in a presentation

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Společnost VARIANT PLUS používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost PETROF používá informační systém ABRA
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