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Smart software for smaller businesses. In the cloud and with API.

ABRA Flexi cloud accounting software

Is Flexi For Me?

You’re always on the move. You like fast and straightforward solutions. You work in your office as well as at home or on the road. You want a customized app that can be set up to handle the company agenda and can be linked with anything. Is this you? Then ABRA Flexi is for you.

Ideas are the basis of success. Flexi gives you the basis for making them happen.

Would you prefer a modern web interface that offers an immediate view of your data and lets you quickly create an invoice, even on a mobile phone or tablet? Or would you prefer the standard desktop application interface for Windows, Linux and macOS with the complete range of modules? Both versions work with the same data and you can use the same credentials to log in to both. The main difference is the range of features and the way you use them.

Our customers’ experience with ABRA Flexi.

A Smart Software for Creative Companies

Igor Hák


ABRA Flexi lets us develop our business system with as few missteps as possible and sustainable code.

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In the Cloud and with API

You can use Flexi in your browser or download it into your machine. The app works in Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Flexi runs in a secure cloud (on your own server), so it is available at all times, from any location, on your computer, phone or tablet. The responsive design ensures that the app adapts to both large and small screens.

ABRA Flexi je responzivní

Why Flexi

There are many accounting software options. If they are to handle multiple agendas, you usually have to download them to your computer. If they work online, oftentimes their features are limited. However, if you are leading a business and have a team of people under you, you need more: a software that can do a lot and that you can access at any time, from any location. That’s ABRA Flexi.

Moreover, the API has been such a pet project for us, that linking other applications to Flexi is pure joy.

We love Macs.

That’s why, from the earliest stages of Flexi development, we put a lot of energy into making it run on Macs. You should have no trouble if you download Flexi to your Mac. We have played around with the UX and UI, so Flexi works on all platforms. And the easiest option of all is to use the web-based version.

ABRA Flexi can help you bring your plans to life and run your business differently than your competition. It provides a solid technical basis for creative thinking.

Vizualizace dat v software ABRA Flexi
Vizualizace dat v software ABRA Flexi

Easy, smart and secure

Just register online and get started – in your office, in a café, or on a mountain hike. And the price includes the cloud solution. You don’t have to worry about your data – secure encrypted communication is matter of course.

Ilustrační: mladý muž pracuje na notebooku s ABRA Flexi

Smart features and technologies

Satisfied ABRA Flexi users say:


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Flexi Story

There is a direct ration in programming. The more user friendly the program, the higher the investment in its development was. Fortunately, ABRA Flexi can afford it. It has the background of ABRA Software, a stable company with a turnover of over a quarter of a billion Czech Korunas. This Czech company has branches in Slovakia and Switzerland, employs 150 people, and has been operating in the field for several decades.

This means not only financial security, but above all, experience. The product was created twelve years ago with enthusiasm that is still present in 2020, when it has transformed into a new form. Not unbridled enthusiasm, however: “Experience has helped us keep emotions in check and avoid mistakes,” says ABRA Software founder Jaroslav Řasa. In other words: We are not just another start-up with a strong drive in the beginning that burns out quickly. ABRA Flexi is in it for the long game. It has talent and great stamina. You will have fun.

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