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Business process in ABRA Flexi

Automate Your Business

No more manual searching and copying. ABRA Flexi automates the entire business process. Documents (an offer, order, etc.) no longer need to be entered manually and repeatedly; they are used as a template for the next document, which can then be edited.

Flexi allows you to assemble orders, cover them from your warehouse stock, and use up-to-date information from your suppliers to order more stock according to the criteria you set, such as lowest price or fastest delivery. You will know your best sellers as well as which products need to be ordered most frequently. This way, you can optimize your terms and conditions. You can also keep records of the order status and evaluate it (e.g. why you were unsuccessful in a tender).

Additional features: Integrated cash register which can be connected to bar code readers, receipt printers, payment terminals and customer displays. On the Slovak market, it can also be connected to ELCOM’s EURO fiscal registers.

What does Flexi look like? Click for a larger image.

Obchodní proces v ABRA Flexi
ABRA Flexi and the Management of Business Processes
Ilustrační: obchodní kontakty v ABRA Flexi

Key Features:

  • Sending generated invoices to clients
  • Records of multiple suppliers and their sales prices
  • Purchasing and sales analysis
  • Generating penalties and sending late payment notices
  • Bulk orders and invoices
  • Linking to your e-shop
  • Multilingual price lists
  • ISDOC and EDI support
  • Status and type of orders

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Some features are currently only available in the older desktop application. Click this link to find regularly updated information.

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