Automation & Flexibility

We were one of the first companies to include REST API in an accounting software. We wanted to open ABRA Flexi to new possibilities that would be up to you.

Automation with ABRA Flexi

Interlinking and Customization

Why did we go with REST architecture? Because it is intuitive, works with different formats, and offers a wide range of options. Our API implements the four basic methods known as CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) and much, much more. The quality of the queries makes it possible to the entire object at once but also specific parameters – company name, ID number, e-mail, telephone and other information. Communication is based on XML and JSON data. Flexi’s REST API can also export and import data in other formats (CSV, XLS, EDI, etc.)

What does Flexi look like? Click for a larger image.

Vizualizace dat v software ABRA Flexi
ABRA Flexi and data visualization

Thanks to its API, ABRA Flexi can be linked to any other app. Most often, it will be linked to an e-shop but many customers also use the API tolink to a CRM app, a payment gate, attendance, bank, or any other internal system.

Another way to turn Flexi into your creature is through user queries. If you are familiar with SQL, you can write them yourselves and use the data from Flexi to run (almost) any data analysis you want. The results can be exported into MS Excel, XML, or displayed in your dashboard. Our experts will be happy to help with writing custom queries should you need it.

Don’t enjoy switching from one app to another? Then you’ll appreciate the custom button, which can be added to almost all agendas. Clicking the button will load the information from a specific website or app, which you can then use for whatever you need. Like obtaining data for your invoices without the need to manually enter any of it, or sending an order directly to your supplier’s API. The button can also search for products in price comparators, verify information in an invoice, etc.

And if you’re switching to ABRA Flexi from another software, all you have to do it export the data into a spreadsheet. Since ABRA Flexi supports xlsx data import, the basic code tables (address book, pricelist, stock levels), as well as all invoices and orders, including itemization, are easy to import.

Flexi Support

We have created a user guide to help you get started with Flexi, we give presentations and training and we offer remote support. We also have useful tips, video tutorials and other know how in our sleeves, which will make your life with Flexi much easier. Our developers are here for you if you need to program print reports or custom queries. When integrated Flexi with other programs, we will design the link using Add-ons, or we will refer you to our partners. And before we implement the system, we can perform individual analysis, consultations or training.


User-friendly dashboards display selected accounting data on the company’s finances – costs and revenues together with interim results, unpaid invoices, and your current bank balance.

Data Analysis

Flexi provides information about the structure of the most important costs and revenues and their movements, drills down assets and liabilities into individual items (receivables, stocks, investments, accounts payable, proper capital, etc.) in detailed graphs and displays the data by center or time period. You can also access analyses of purchasing, sales, accounting data, and more.

Ilustrační: obchodní kontakty v ABRA Flexi

Key Features:

  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Intuitive REST API
  • Optional linking to third party systems
  • User queries through SQL
  • Data exports to MS Excel, XML
  • Website or application data available literally at a click
  • Import of xlsx data
  • Presentations and trainings
  • Remote support
  • Individual print report and SQL query programming service
  • Detailed graphs for data analyses

Try Flexi

Some features are currently only available in the older desktop application. Click this link to find regularly updated information.

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