Differences between the web and desktop interface

What can the web interface do that the desktop can’t?

  • Smart Assistant (smart search, calculator)
  • Notifications Center (Experiments)
  • Customized appearance (normal line size vs. condensed mode, normal skin vs. dark mode)
  • Form variants
  • Interactive PDF preview for invoices in
  • Pin board (with improved dashboards and graphs)
  • Smart bulk pairing at the bank
  • Improved Excel imports
  • Bulk changes in all agendas
  • Fixed and global filters (can be shared with other users, and you can save columns and their order)
  • Simplified payments of invoices issued by bank, invoices in can be paid using (QR)

What is missing from the web interface?

In the Business Partners module

  • Company addresses – signature certificates cannot be uploaded to business partners.
  • Purchaser and supplier contracts – invoices cannot be created, valorized or generated, only available as an overview.
  • Events and activities – no overview of tasks to be performed.

In the Goods module

  • Price list – assembly in the form of piece lists and a report for EKO-KOM packaging production.
  • Receipt and issue slips – invoices and receipts from the cash register cannot be generated.

In the Sales module

  • Invoices out – no payment status as of date, document and side cost distribution for Intrastat.
  • Business wheel – no offer variant; bulk demand a and orders from orders received; orders received and demand issued from demand received (so far only offers issues).
  • Sales cash register – missing altogether.

In the Purchasing module

  • Invoices in – creating an assets card, rounding document prices up or down.
  • Business wheel – in orders issues, classic or bulk orders for production cannot be created; export to EDI; in demand issued, there is no option to issue to a different supplier.

In the Money module

  • Bank – no advanced automatic pairing (ISP), creating overpayment.
  • Cash register – no document and side cost distribution, correction of prices in local currency, creating an invoice from deposits paid or creating an assets card.
  • Reciprocal credits – missing altogether

Assets module

  • Items cannot be edited, only available as preview.

In the Accounting module

  • Other receivables – no document distribution.
  • Other liabilities – no document distribution, signoff for payment and calculating payment status as of date.

In the Employees module

  • Only available as preview.

In the Tools module

  • Persons and users – user roles cannot be defined.

In Company Settings and Other Features

  • Updating issuance requests, recalculating account balances, user transformation, certificates, SMTP settings or communication with external devices.

Plan for upcoming web interface development?

Roadmap PNG download.

  • Wizards in agendas
  • Batch and expiration date support (has been added)
  • Reminders (has been added)
  • Email templates
  • Itemized credit note
  • Supported bank payments in currencies other than local
  • Piece list and stock level for sets
  • Appearance – an even more “condensed” mode
  • Improved filtering (has been added)
  • Serial number support (has been added)
  • Accounting period initialization (has been added)
  • Stock taking (has been added)
  • Global filters (has been added)
  • Accounting outputs (has been added)
  • Account balance recalculation (has been added)
  • Carrying user settings over between companies (has been added)