Manage your company at any time.

We create trends. The data from ABRA G4
is now available as a smartwatch application.

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Do you want an immediate overview of the company?

Now you can have an overview of the company data, get notifications about new events and be able to approve documents and processes. All this on the display of your smartwatch. 


What can the smartwatch application do? 

It enables you to view the data in real time and have the possibility to receive information about your business whenever and wherever you are. 

  • Abra schvalovani Approval

    The application makes the decision process easy. You're on the road and need to approve vacations, documents or various steps of the process? Just click on the watch and you're all set. 

  • Abra notifikaceNotifications

    You always have the most up to date information. The notifications will appear on the screen and you will be notified through the vibration. 

  • Abra reportyOnline reports

    You can choose what you want to have displayed, be it sales, revenues, costs, stock or other important data, and also decide in which visual and graphical way.  

How it works

The application is connected to the ABRA G4 information system, enabling it to retrieve any necessary data. It displays graphs, sends notifications about new events and allows one to approve documents and processes. 

The new application, which works for smartwatches as well as smartphones, has the interface of the Business Intelligence system from ABRA Software- a fully definable portal which operates with business data and whose overview supports managers in making intelligent decisions. 

Available for Android. (iOS is in development)

Do you want to try the new smartwatch application?

Thank you for your interest, we appreciate it. Please fill out our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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