New version 16.01.08 of products ABRA G3 and G4 has been released

22. 4. 2016

As a part of the standard licensing support, ABRA is launching a new version of the information system.

Crucial changes and corrections:

  • Wiki problem solved.
  • An exchange rate stated on the document has to be used for INTRASTAT purposes with effect from 1 August 2016 (previously a special rate filed by Foreign exchange list INTRASTAT agenda had to be used for calculation for INTRASTAT purposes). In connection to this legislative amendment print reports reflecting this legislative change have been added as follows: “Jednorázové podání INTRASTAT (from 1 August 2016)” (into the INTRASTAT Submission agenda) and “INTRASTAT – podrobný výpis (from 1 August 2016)” (into the INTRASTAT Reports agenda).
  • A complete list of the changes (in Czech):

About the version:

  • It is a transitionary progressive to conservative line version, thus containing development changes starting from the version 15.11.-16.11. of the line 02.
  • It is possible to update to this version from all the sooner published progressive versions of the line 16.03xx and thereby migrate the clients back to the conservative regime.


  • The version shall be installed primarily by companies administering INTRASTAT.
  • The version brings many changes; the companies shall run a test update or right after the update test their key processes (especially if they include any user adjustments).
  • For the G3 + G3 DE (tax evidence): In case you use the Firebird database server, you have to have a 2.5 version and higher of ODS installed before the update.

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