New version 16.01.09 products ABRA G3 and G4

16. 8. 2016

As a part of the standard licensing support, ABRA is launching a new version of the information system.

The most important changes in the newest version of the information system 16.01.09 CZ are:

  • Based on a law No. 125/2016 from 25. April 2016 are changing the tax advantages on the second, third and each additional child as follows:

    •  Second child discount: 17 004 CZK

    • Third and each additional child discount: 20 604 CZK.

    • The figures of the Global variables (S_DZDite2, S_DZDite3, S_DZInvDite2 a S_DZInvDite3) have been updated in this context. (#45697)

  • KV VAT – Fixed a bug in the agenda VAT closing. This bug could have caused under certain circumstances an incorrect reporting of the B.3.2 section instead of the correct B.3.1. section. (# 45962) 

  • Fixed bug in TPV. The same row in the previous review was deleted while deleting a row in the technological proces. (#45662)

A detailed description of the changes is shown in README.

Are you interested in the system ABRA Gen? Write us!

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