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ABRA iGATE displays data stored in the information system (or other available source) on any device connected to the Internet. iGATE is a fully definable Business Intelligence-type portal, which prepares charts and tables for you just the way you need them.


Why is iGATE the right solution for you?

  • it displays up-to-date information about the company with a single press of a button
  • in every moment, you will have an immediate overview of the current financial state of the company, unresolved tasks of subordinate workers, volume of claims, evaluation of sales of goods including year-to-year comparison
  • works on any device with a web browser and Internet connection
  • you will only work with information that you are interested in and that you need for your decision making
  • in one location you will see data retrieved from many different databases or information systems, files or the Internet

iGate allows you to present the performance results of companies, individual departments or the employees themselves, display graphs, charts or KPIs of all data that is relevant for your business operations.

Společnost YVES ROCHER používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost VARIANT PLUS používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost PETROF používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost LAKTOS používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost HAMA používá informační systém ABRA
Společnost ELKO EP používá informační systém ABRA