Protecting your company data

10. 3. 2020
Company data and information system security in the cloud

We chatted with our customers (online!) about the details of company data security, the technologies they can use, how to set them up, and how to protect their data in ABRA Gen. These are the highlights from the discussion:

ABRA online

How does migrating ABRA Gen into the cloud work? What will happen to our customizations and scripts?

After you sign the agreement, we will create ABRA online for you within one working day. We will ensure that the data from your current installation of ABRA Gen is restored and we will make your other services functional, e.g. the automation server, the ABRA API server, as per the agreement. We will help you onboard the users, either by showing you the configuration steps, or by taking care of the configuration for you via remote access. Customizations and special scripts need to be assessed by our consultant prior to the migration to ABRA online. In the vast majority of cases, customizations are compatible with cloud operation.

How is the connection secured? Could there be a data leak?

ABRA online uses Microsoft RemoteApp technology. In this case, ABRA Gen runs on a remote server, and the only thing transmitted to the client are the changes of the app screens. In other words, the only data flowing between the client and our servers are the ABRA Gen screens, rather than any information system data. Another security level is the SSL encrypted connection, as well as an application firewall at our end. Security is one of our priorities, and as such, we pay a lot of attention to it.

What is the database size and number of users limit? Can I download a copy of the backup to my local server, e.g. for testing?

ABRA online is not limited in the number of users, nor is there a data limit. The basic allocation is 10GB, to which you can add for a minimal fee. As for backups, the topology you spoke is not a problem. We can use the automation task which will back up ABRA Gen and send the result to a chosen server. This service also includes a test connection, or a test of the entire ABRA Gen.

How fast does my internet connection need to be to use ABRA online?

Almost any speed is OK. The minimum requirement per user is 128kbps. This means that most connections are suitable. More than speed, we recommend focusing on the stability of the connection. Downtime or instability of your connection will be felt by you.

Do you always update ABRA online to the new version?

The free updates within ABRA online are carefully selected and verified, so that we can ensure maximum operational stability for ABRA Gen. We don’t install all new versions; only those which we find suitable, from a legislative or functional point of view.

If payment orders are stored in an ABRA online subdirectory on the cloud, can bank payments be made on the local PC?

As a user, you have room on the disk available to you for this exact purpose – data such as payment orders, exports, imports, etc. As for bank clients, there are no problems when tying into ABRA online; ABRA in the cloud has access to the users’ workstations’ local disks, where it can read the data necessary for communicating with the bank.

What are all the dangers of saving data in the cloud? Should I make my own backups in case there is a problem with ABRA online?

ABRA online is a service taking care of the complete operation of your ABRA Gen system, which naturally includes backups. We use two separate systems and save the backups in three different locations, one of which is geographically separate. If you want to supplement further backups and download them to your own system, you can do this using an automation task.

ABRA Gen Backup Operation

Do you offer assistance with quick data recovery while backing up the ABRA Gen system onto the cloud? How long does it take for the backups to be up and running?

If needed, e.g. if your server goes down, the standard procedure is to report the problem through our hotline. We will prioritize this and talk to you to figure out whether you need ABRA Gen to be restored on your server or whether you can temporarily run your system in ABRA online. Data recovery is dependent on the size of your database, so there is no one answer to your questions.

How does backup ABRA Gen operation in the cloud work?

We regularly test the recoverability of the backups, and if your server goes down, we will make ABRA online available to you for a month, restoring your latest backup there.

Isn’t storing everything in the cloud dangerous? Data that is online can never be 100% secure. If the attackers want to, they can get to the data stored in your cloud, too. Wouldn’t the conventional external disk backup be much safer?

Data security goes hand in hand with the amount of money allocated to its protection. In other words, data security technology is expensive and not all businesses can afford it. Security in the cloud is a priority for us and we use modern protection systems. This also includes the way we do our backups. We want to be responsible and use two separate backup systems, which place the backups in three different locations, one of which is geographically separate from the others. In our opinion, external hard drive backups are no longer enough. There were many cases when such backups were destroyed by a crypto virus.

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