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How does ABRA Software help?

  • Develops a web app E.STONE . Its primary task is to offer customers the online data they need, such as complete business case information.
  • The intranet E.STONE offers a complete business system and business agenda such as CRM, human resources, billing, or KPI.
  • For customer extranets, Detailed customer data is provided as information on business cases, documents, contracts, statistics etc
  • The system is constantly evolving and adapts to the clients’ needs.
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The Custom Apps application of E.STONE by ABRA brings BDP Wakestone customers current data on all shipments, including documentation, invoicing, critical parameter tracking and evaluation. Everything in a user-friendly environment.

BDP Wakestone is a successful logistics company with an annual turnover of 670 million CZK . With its 40 employees , it adapts the services to client requests to fulfill their expressed and unspoken wishes.


In 2005, a group of employees from a large multinational company decided to leave and set up its own logistics company called Wakestone. Their motivation was to offer innovative services in local conditions and to be a market leader in the segment of quality of service offered. They wanted to deliver custom solutions to their customers and flexibly meet their needs.

Stanislav Turek, the co-founder of the company, describes the business path: “We want to bring products to the market that respond to customer requirements” . Nikolas Paschalis, CEO of the company, shows how they do this: “Our business has been about people and technology from the very beginning. In order to really respond flexibly to customer requirements, we need above-average employees who can respond quickly to change. And cutting edge IT technology. “


Technology helped the company to interact with customers online. “We have been developing the E.STONE web application together with ABRA since the first days of our company, and its primary task is to offer customers online data they need, such as complete business case information,” >describes Nikolas Paschalis. What benefits does the application bring the customers, states Stanislav Turek: “Each client has up-to-date data on each shipment, including documentation and invoicing. API. “


Stanislav Kurinec, team leader of custom programming in ABRA Software, says about E.STONE: “System is characterized by the fact that it is constantly being developed, it adapts to the needs of the clients and does not require more intervention in their IT technologies and infrastructure. In the system, the client has not only data tables but also a clear dashboard to which he can personally drag widgets (HTML5) or the simplicity and clarity of an application that is of utmost importance to each client.”

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