Comprehensive telecommunication services and their integration in the Czech ERP system .


How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Complete economic, staff and payroll management, asset management and warehouse management.
  • Covers purchasing, sales logistics and customer relationship management and supports management decisions.
  • The overall solution includes necessary system monitoring, data transmission, energy measurement, etc.
  • Unifies the database, ensures a uniform version of the truth on all outputs, and ensures that data is only acquired once into the system.
  • Customizes automatic billing features to address forward and backward billing, branching, billing when, when not, or disabling billing, automatic bank payment matching, etc.
FIELD Core, Finance, Services, Trade
PLACE Prague

Casablanca INT has been operating on the telecommunications and IT market for more than 16 years, as a purely Czech company without the participation of foreign capital. In that time, it has become one of the leading telecommunications providers in the Czech Republic. The following case study describes an ERP system selection and implementation project that Casablanca INT used as a backbone software infrastructure to handle day-to-day routines and integrate the specific solutions needed to operate in telecommunications and IT services.

In the first years of its existence, the company solved the needs of automated processing of business agendas through its own development of sub-systems. These included applications for billing, customer registration and workflow management.
However, they lacked a link to accounting and other agendas that require legislative support. The information system conceived in this way ceased to be sufficient over time, and at the end of 2007 it was decided to replace it with a standard ERP solution.
“We expected the new information system to meet three main requirements. We wanted to unify our fragmented database, ensure a uniform version of the truth on all outputs, and prevent multiple acquiring of the same data into the system,” says Pavel Hodinka.
A team of staff who was entrusted with selecting the information system started the entire project with its own market analysis and selection of suitable suppliers. In doing so, they drew on the knowledge of people inside the company and publicly available information, especially from the Internet and professional periodicals. The team divided potential suppliers into two groups. The first was the producers of economic information systems and lower-end ERP solutions such as Cigler Software, Stormware or Altus Software. The latter included those manufacturers that also focus on advanced and robust ERP systems. These include Microsoft, Asseco Solutions and ABRA Software.


Casablanca INT started out as a specialist for fixed internet connection. Over time, it has expanded its range of services to its own data center, IP telephony and IP VPN. Instead of the original few servers used by the company at the beginning of its operations, a modern data center with a total area of ​​1,600 m2 is operated. Also, the data connectivity now available has multiplied over the years. From the progressive development of information technology, the project Casablanca INT presented together with Hewlett-Packard, VMware and AMD in 2012. It is a Big Blue One cloud service based on a high level of security provided by the HP TippingPoint solution, a geographically separate data backup, guaranteed cloud availability and unlimited computing power.
“This area is now our main development goal. It should become a key part of our service portfolio and at the same time a key market segment. However, we will still rely on the complexity of the services we provide, ”said Pavel Hodinka, project manager of the company, responsible for the implementation and operation of the information system. The company has a turnover of 160 million CZK and employs 80 employees. Its key customers include corporate clients, primarily manufacturing and service companies such as Pražská energetika, Zepter International, Moira, and IC Energo. The company holds the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.

“We have verified that the systems provided by vendors from the first group, unfortunately, do not meet our requirements, not even their most advanced versions. That is why we continued the selection only with full ERPs, whether global or domestic,” commented Pavel Hodinka on the initial phase of the project. it would be possible to connect their own applications to automate specific processes and implement atypical outputs and assemblies. This is especially true of our surveillance and monitoring systems, which would not make sense to re-develop the ERP system as its modules,” explains Pavel Hodinka.

“The telecom business process lay-out and IT infrastructure assumes acquiring and deploying an ERP system that would create its backbone to connect its own applications to automate specific processes and implement atypical outputs and assemblies. This is especially true of our surveillance and monitoring systems, which would not make sense to re-develop in the ERP system as its modules, ”explains Pavel Hodinka.
An integral part of the evaluation criteria was, of course, the cost and time required for the implementation project. That is why the team of responsible employees did not recommend dealing with offers from SAP or Microsoft Dynamics products, which were both very burdensome in both regards. Therefore, the final round of the tender was attended by ABRA Software and Asseco Solutions with their most advanced ERP systems, which are ABRA Gen and Helios Green.

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