Provides its clients with savings and efficiency in managing building projects. Together with the ABRA Gen system, they lead clients from idea to implementation.

Construction of the Year for the EDIFICE project

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Offers, previously prepared in Excel and Word, are newly created automatically based on prepared templates directly in the information system.
  • For each menu there is a list of term activities , a breakdown and service offer definition, and each link links to the billing agenda .
  • Exports data in project-by-project reports, where you can instantly see employee utilisation on projects, revenue prediction, and cost prediction.
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EDIFICE construction & consulting, s.r.o. provides comprehensive engineering services in the field of building management. It offers a comprehensive package of project and cost management services for construction projects, along with technical supervision and supply system management.

Pavel Horčička, EDIFICE

Pavel Horčička

Financial director, EDIFICE construction & consulting, s.r.o.

“Reports from ABRA Gen are our control mechanism. In them, we see the load on our employees on individual projects, the costs and even a prediction of yields and success.”


A milestone for the business was the automation of some processes. After the implementation of the ABRA Gen information system, the bids previously prepared in Excel and Word were newly created automatically according to prepared templates directly in the information system.


The information system records for each offer a list of activities with deadlines, breakdowns and definitions of the services offered, and links each offer with the billing agenda, always by individual projects and taking into account the contractual terms and conditions concluded with the client. The system also records document versions, distinguishes between in-process and signed contracts, and records their history and amendments.


ABRA Gen allows the CFO, Pavel Horčiček, to export the data in reports for each project, thus seeing the immediate utilization of the employees on the projects, prediction of the revenues and prediction of the costs by individual accounts, eg for cars, phones etc.

“In ABRA Gen, every project manager can continually review their project, its cost and profitability,” explains Pavel Horčička “ABRA Gen reports are our control mechanism.”


Edifice was founded in 2004, when Jan Horčička decided to set on a business journey. It was a garage start, but instead of a garage, imagine a bedroom where the base for its first two employees was built. Jan Horčička recalls: “It was a time of trial and error, a time when we all did everything and when our professional and private life was one. I purchased the furniture and equipment for the office with the money from the sale of my old car. The trouble was that I had to ride a moped to my clients, which only worked during the summer and started being problematic come autumn.”

This was followed by a period of many relocations, intense cooperation with the company TECHO, for which Edifice managed internal projects, and a period of great development of the company, durin which separate departments of price and project management were created.

“We have begun to succeed and we were already managing major projects, such as the construction of ČEZ headquarters at the BBC Center. This phase of our company was accompanied by the creation of a stable team of the best people,“ says Jan Horčička.

Pavel Horčička, EDIFICE

Pavel Horčička

Financial director, EDIFICE construction & consulting, s.r.o.

“Our services are worthwhile at every building site. Also thanks to ABRA Gen, we are able to offer the investor savings and quality.”


Edifice expands its activities further. Project and price management of buildings, technical supervision and management of subcontractors was extended by the subsidiary EDIFICE Finance, s.r.o. specializing in consulting, administration and project management in the grant sector.

Edifice bases its development on a team of high-quality employees, their willingness to play together, their professionalism and mutual relationships. It continues to develop the ability to take on the demanding consulting market for real estate projects. Not only that, but also to constantly grow and move forward. And the ABRA Gen information system also contributes to this.

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