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FIELD Core, Finance, Trade
PLACE Pardubice region
WEB www.ekopanely.cz

Family business EKOPANELY CZ is the only manufacturer of straw construction panels in Europe. It was founded in 1999 and deals with three main areas:

  • the production and sale of Ecopanels,
  • construction delivery,
  • selling technologies for the production of Ecopanels.

  • The company produces 105,000 square meters of panels a year. In its history, it has already supplied building boards for more than 400 homes. Most of the products are exported to European Union countries, but its customers are spread all over the world, for example in the Philippines, Ukraine or Haiti.


    The company has therefore started a selection procedure for a new information system, which should be built on modern technologies. The basic prerequisite for the selection was the integration of all existing records, know-how and company data into one database.

    “Ecopanels are an advanced building system for low-energy and passive buildings. They are most often used for building cladding, partition walls and ceilings. The main advantages of the Ecopanel are the speed and simplicity of construction, energy inefficiency, insulating properties, fire resistance and heat accumulation capability “, says Jan Bareš, CEO of EKOPANELY CZ.


    Panels are also supplied to the Netherlands and Belgium for archery targets. In this field, EKOPANELY CZ is fighting with higher durability of its products, quarter price and fire resistance.


    In 1999, the company started with ten employees. It had to design and manufacture its own machines, it had to get the first courageous customers, build reference buildings, secure product certificates. “We started with a gradual investment in machine development. The development cost my father and his close team of developers of a lot of resources and, above all, a lot of strength. We have taken the basic idea from England, but we have just reversed the system and moved it a lot further. In the first year we produced about 5,000 m2 of Ecopanels, “ recalls the late nineties Jan Bareš.

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