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To the last penny: help for thousands of ill people with regular monthly contributions.

Petr Sýkora, Dobrý Anděl

How does ABRA Software help?

  • We developed a web-based system that handled the expected increase in registered users of 10,000 registrations.
  • We unified all data into one database.
  • We automated data management in online environment, provided the system with its own API and also with the cloud space on which the web system is running.
  • We linked the system to , which is under the management of the < strong> company.

FIELD Finance, Services
PLACE Prague

Petr Sýkora and Jan Černý decided to invest the money the have earned further. They wanted to help people who were in a difficult life situation.
Chacne lead them to 2010 Slovakia, where they met Andrej Kiska and the Slovak GOOD ANGEL project.
This organization has impressed them so much that they have decided to found THE GOOD ANGEL in Czechia. It happened in 2011 .

Both founders work for the GOOD ANGEL foundation , and they cover their operations and other organizational costs from their own resources.
All donations are divided to the last penny into families with children.

one of the successes of the foundation is the support from many companies.
The main partners are: Google, who helps with online presentations and provided a $25,000 grant; Raiffeisen Bank, whoprovided free bank accounts and T-Mobile, who developed a system for payments through SMS and is preparing a mobile app.

Petr Sýkora was lead to GOOD ANGEL through a long business journey. In 1993 he together with his friend, Jan Černý, founded the company Papyrus, that delivered office supplies to companies. The company was a success. Deliveries of paper and office supplies to companies and offices were completely new in the Czech Republic in 1993 .

First orderes were brought to the customers by the associates themselves, carried in a backpack. As the firm grew bigger, new branches were established in Slovakia and Hungary. It ebcame the most significant company in this sector in central and eastern Europe.
In 2006

ABRA Software has been chosen to implement the new web-based information system to deliver an online donor and recipient management system and all other data covering the fund’s agenda.

ABRA Software developed the web system within a few months. It had to be deployed ahead of the planned marketing campaign, which predicted an increase of 10,000 registrations. ABRA has also been able to convert the history of registrations, recipients, and payments to around 50,000 records .

ABRA unified all data into one database , automated data management in the online environment, delivered custom API and cloud space, on which the system is running. The system has been linked to , which is under management of the company .

In the Czech Republic , over 27 000 donors are helping through the GOOD ANGEL helps over – Good angels. Help has been received by more than 1,000 families . The fund has divided over 96 million crowns for its short history.

In the Czech Republic , over 27 000 donors are helping through the GOOD ANGEL helps over – Good angels. More than 1,000 families received help. The fund has distributed over 96 million crowns in its short history.

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