Gutta’s Czech office has accelerated its business processes by optimizing hardware, on which the ABRA Gen information system and other applications run.


How does ABRA Software help?

  • Shows online manager reports in ABRA BI.
  • Provides backup of data to the ABRA Software Company back-up data center provided by ABRA FIT.
  • Added a branded server including Windows Server 2012 R2, backup, Configuration, and VMware virtualization for two VM Windows Servers.
  • Enables electronic communication via EDI integrated in the ABRA Gen.
  • information system

FIELD Core, Data visualization, Finance, Trade
PLACE Central Bohemian Region

Good backup and service restoration guarantee included in the services of ABRA FIT eliminated possible losses of the company after a hardware breakdown. Gutta’s Czech office has consequently accelerated its business processes by optimizing hardware running the ABRA Gen information system and other applications.

Gutta CR – Prague, is a Czech representation of a Swiss company founded in 1965. The company is a supplier of a wide range of products for construction, home and garden. They operate a broad network of affiliate stores and e-shop.

A branded server solution for the operation of the ABRA Gen information system speeded up work of all the company’s employees. ABRA Software supplied not only the information system but also the know-how on how to safely handle the data and have them secured even on the hardware side.
Jan Stavinoha
IT Administrator, Gutta


Gutta also sells their products through the Baumax and Obi Garden Centers, with which they communicate electronically through the EDI integrated in the information system. For business and operational agendas, Gutta uses the ABRA Gen system, which has been transitioned from ABRA Gold in 2005. In 2014, the Gutta Information System was expanded by ABRA BI , a Business Intelligence Web site for dashboards and managerial outputs.


Prior to implementing ABRA BI, ABRA Software performed a hardware background analysis to ensure optimal server performance for BI and the information system. The analysis revealed poor performance and poor data security. Consequently, the analysis resulted in a recommendation to replace the server or upgrade the server components significantly.

Gutta decided to upgrade the server in several phases. The first phase included replacing a defective disk in the RAID 1 field and setting up data backup to the ABRA rescue service data center provided by ABRA FIT . Backups have been set up to ensure immediate operation of the company in the event of a server failure, with retrieved data through a remote application of the information system in the datacenter (for up to 10 days). The service has provided Gutta with security and, in the event of an issue, sufficient time to resolve the HW problem and deploy the latest data to standard traffic.


Jan Stavinoha, an IT administrator in Gutta, has been testing ABRA Gen for a few days from a remote desktop: “ To test the functionality of the backup service, I tested the remote operation of the information system even with GUTTA production data. The system was fast enough, feeling even faster than running on our own server. I was glad we had a good solution for the chance of our IT infrastructure breaking down in advance. “


A few weeks later, a server failure actually occurred. Gutta was in an unprofitable situation within seconds. Consultants from ABRA Software remotely diagnosed system database violations and in the first phase of Gutta service intervention deployed a day old backup in cloud mode for testing.

Eva Černá, Head of Logistics, commented on the situation: “Although we were preparing for such a situation, we were in shock when it happened. We could not handle orders, all sales stopped. Fast recovery of backed up data on a remote server and backup over ABRA Cloud has eliminated greater business losses caused by our server’s HW collapse. The Backup Service at the ABRA Software Data Center got us out of a tight spot. “


Based on this experience, Gutta decided to upgrade the server immediately and ABRA Software ordered a new brand server including Windows Server 2012 R2, backup resources, configuration and VMware virtualization for two VM Windows Servers: one virtual server for application and a database server, the other for future use of other applications such as ABRA BI , automation server and web and terminal services .
Installation was completed within a few days, and Gutta came to the top-notch operation of the information system, which is several times faster than the original server, and is still covered by ABRA FIT .
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