Hama processes almost two thirds of its orders through the ABRA E-shop.


How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It automatically saver order from the elektronického store directly to the ERP system.
  • It manages effective electronic data exchange between the information system and the e-shop as well as with the German Hama concern.
  • It prepares fifteen different reports that are automatically generated in ABRA BI. Includes, e.g. comprehensive business reporting, reporting for the parent company, or detailed warehouse inventory tracking.
  • Thanks to the electronic document interchange (EDI), it eliminates the need to manually compare receipt cards with delivery notes, saving time and providing zero error rate in issuing invoices.
FIELD Data visualization, Trade
PLACE South Moravia Region
WEB www.hama.cz

Hama’s Czech representation was looking for a comprehensive business and administrative tool. At the same time, it needed an effective solution for data communication with the German concern. It has chosen the ABR Gen flexible information system, which processes almost two thirds of B2B orders through the integrated ABRA E-shop.

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: E-shop and ABRA BI

The basic selling tool of the company is a B2B e-shop, through which 58% of orders are processed. Hama uses an e-shop integrated in the ABRA Gen information system. In ABRA BI, the company automatically generates fifteen different reports in which it tracks turnovers, top sellers, margin, customer development, warehouse inventory levels, and other important business information.

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