Production and sale of building materials: mortars, adhesive tapes, structural fittings.

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How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It ensures fast B2B communication through electronic document interchange EDI.
  • It implements a fully electronic may of document circulation.
  • It automatizes business processes.
  • It allows numer of user modifications.
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FIELDProduction, Trade, Warehouse
PLACEVysočina Region

Hasoft velkoobchod, s.r.o. is a producer and seller of building materials and construction fittings, based in Polné. The company was founded in 1997, when Ing. Ivo Řehák with his trade grew into a company with fifteen employees.

“We have decided to go our own way. We abandoned the technical names of the products and we gave them names that everyone understands. STĚNUSPRAV (fixthewall), DRŽTOFEST(holditfirmly), SPRAVBETON (fixconcrete) or NENASÁVEVEJ (donotsoak) will not leave anyone in doubt for what they are intended for. We wanted everyone, both expert and laic, to work with our products without a long picking. We have succeeded in this especially because on top of an original product design, we did not compromise the quality. We keep the formulas and resist the market pressure on ‘lightening’ our products. Nowadays, craftsmen are used to working with our products, and we are glad, of course.”

Ivo Řehák, Hasoft

Ivo Řehák

Director, HASOFT

“ABRA Software as a supplier is not just an information system supplier, for us, it is also a key partner in our business.”

“We started to do business on the basis of a thorough market survey, and we have discovered a segment in which only foreign companies had been established so far. We started with two products whose success brought us a growth in turnover and an expansion of the product portfolio. The first really successful product was ‘LEPENKA V KÝBLU’ (foil in the bucket), a waterproofing paint as an alternative to asphalt insulation strips,” Ivo Řehák describes the beginnings of his business.

HASOFT’s products are currently being supplied to major hobby market chains (where EDI is successfully used in B2B communication) as well as to specialized stores with building materials. In addition to building materials, Hasoft is also a supplier of the unique construction fitting system of the UK producer, Kee Klamp.

HASOFT is a successful Czech company with a turnover of over CZK 100 million. As an industry leader in the field of electronic document circulation, it fully exploits the ABRA Gen business information system not only for its own workflow, but also for B2B communications.

“ABRA GEN BELONGS TO OUR BUSINESS. Years ago we started with ABRA GOLD; we have replaced it with the modern ABRA Gen ERP. We are technology enthusiasts, so we use many features and tricks in ABRA Gen, as only a few other users. We appreciate the openness of the whole system and its adaptation capabilities.“

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