KB – BLOK system

Effective production under control.

Implementation of the KB-BLOK system wall

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It allows exact monitoring of the production quality, percentage of yield, and number of defective products.
  • It ensures interconnection of production orders – part for the production of the whole monoblocks and part for their break-up.
  • It provides online overviews of production information and a thorough analysis of business information, both for the whole company and for individual thebranches and merchants.
  • It ccelerates receipt and delivery of inventory items, simplifies inventory and minimizes errors.
  • It records pallet accounts for customers and suppliers with the possibility of tracking and returning of individual pallets.
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FIELDProduction, Trade, Warehouse
PLACEÚstí nad Labem Region

A major producer of construction products, KB – BLOK system, s.r.o., was looking for a way to reduce payments for the original inflexible information system. It needed to save the costs of its operation and did not want to adapt the company to the box software. That is why it has chosen a tailor-made information system that can adapt to its needs. KB – BLOK has selected ABRA Software as its ally, whose ABRA Gen ERP system met all requirements.

Vlastimil Ranuša, KB-BLOK systém

Vlastimil Ranuša

Sales Director, KB – BLOK systém, s.r.o.

“We consider the adaptability of ABRA Gen as a key advantage. We have everything set according to our needs in ABRA Gen, be it very specific production orders, optimization of warehouse stock or pallet account records. The system fully adapted to our company and not vice-versa.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: managing of a specific production

ABRA Gen information system manages both the main part of the production in the construction division and the complementary production of the engineering division.

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