Production company with a range of shelf systems collects real-time production data.


How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Supports common business, economic, and manufacturing processes with full agendas.
  • Thanks to extraction terminals, factory workers have to make minimal effort to read barcodes from production handouts.
  • Provides on-line order status information .
  • Automates previously hand-written agendas.
FIELD Core, Finance, Production, Trade
PLACE Zlín region

KREDIT uses ERP ABRA Gen , which supports common business, economic, and manufacturing processes of the company with the full coherence of individual agendas. KREDIT focused on automating previously hand-written agendas in consideration of increasing its own productivity. For example, they transferred the bills of store into digital form and significantly reduced the time spent by workers and the error rate in the records. On the other hand, the imperfect records of production processes have caused a lack of clarity in production data. This situation was commented on by the company’s information system administrator: “At this time, production data could not be handeled well. It was not in our power to continually control our production and to evaluate it. We have decided to find a tool that will provide us with online information about our production “.

For our production, the connection of the ABRA Gen information system with Bartech’s Sembox terminals is a good solution for online control and evaluation of production data.
IT network administrator of the Kredit company

In connection with the development of the company and its certification ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001: 2004, new requirements for immediate evaluation and collection of production data emerged. KREDIT took advantage of the recommendations of the ABRA Gen information system company and addressed the Bartech company in Hodonin. They asked for a solution with the goal of comprehensive collection of information on all production orders.
In the selection procedure, the following requirements were set:

  • Communication with ERP in real-time ERP
  • Data collection for each manufacturing operation (start of operation, end of operation, worker data)
  • Production data check
  • A simple solution (both for installation and for later management – ideally by yourself)


Bartech first, in cooperation with the ABRA Gen ERP supplier, performed an analysis of conditions and requirements and subsequently delivered a solution suited for the customer’s needs. Sembox terminals with attached Motorola barcode sensors were placed in the factory. The system is connected via a standard Ethernet interface to the corporate server that collects data and controls the entire system.

The introduction of the new system comments the KREDIT network administrator: “People in production have adapted to the solution, it is simple for its users, and the communication with ABRA Gen is without downtime, possibility to analyze various aspects of production, such as machines usability, numbers and types of scrap, adherence to technological procedures etc. “

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