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Traditional Slovak company Laná

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  • Integrates various records into one database and efficiently manages business orders from A to Z.
  • Provides overview and compatibility of production data.
  • Prepares regular management reporting.
  • Unites order information in one place.
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As early as 1951, the company “Závod Slovenského národního povstania” (“Plant of the Slovak national uprising”) was established for the production of primary aluminum, in which foundries were gradually built. To complete the production, an aluminum profile press was built at the beginning and the production of aluminum wires and aluminum-steel (AlFe) ropes was established. Technology for the production of wires and ropes was transferred to Žiar nad Hronom from Kovohutí Děčín. Twelve wire pulls and six machines were mounted and put into operation in 1967.

Daviel Drgoňa, Laná

Daniel Drgoňa

IT specialist of the Laná company

“With ABRA Gen we have all the necessary information right at hand. ABRA Gen has brought the overview and data compatibility into our production.”


“The first 350/6 aluminum-steel rope was manufactured in September 1967,” speaks about the history of the business Jozef Barniak, Laná’s business specialist. “In the following years, the average annual production was 10000 tonnes of ropes. The range of ropes has grown, and the number of new customers has also grown. “


In the following years, production stabilized at 18,000 tons a year, mainly with exports to the former Soviet Union. After its collapse, the annual production was reduced to 8000 tons.

In the 1990s, exports grew to Austria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the war that destroyed Bosnia and Herzegovina, AlFe rope renewed mainly high-voltage networks.

Modernization of production

In the period 1992-2001, the rope factory was a part of the company Alufinala.s. This period is characterized by the modernization of the machines and the great competition for the customer. The company wanted to offer quality in particular and thus focused on the quality shift in the field of modernization of the machines. An example might be to replace the obsolete braking system in the bobbins with modern computer control.

Production decline

This period also meant a significant drop in the annual production down to 6000 tonnes of ropes. Nevertheless, the company has succeeded in upgrading the production program by expanding the range of alloy ropes.


In 2002 the rope factory was purchased by the ŽHS (Žiarska metallurgical company) group, of which was Lana, s.r.o. a part of. During this period, the company sought to promote sales by product certifications in accredited testing facilities and export support. The export market has been expanded by Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands. The years 2004-2006 were a period of stabilization of the number of employees in relation to production. That was at 5000 tons of product with an average of 33 workers.

IT in the production of ropes

In its history, the company has used 5 different systems. The first was focused on bookkeeping, others had warehouse and eventually production modules. In 2011, the company decided to introduce a new information system to integrate the various records into one database and to manage business orders from A to Z effectively.


The selection procedure was conducted within the ŽHS group and was led by Daniel Drgoňa for all involved companies. “We’ve been looking for a system that’s already up and running- has many users, and is well tuned. We were primarily concerned with a well-engineered production module that could be further modified. We were looking for a system that will be able to complement specific production features on the go,“ says Daniel Drgoňa, adding: ”In addition to the standard features expected from the information system, we had a few specific requirements,such as the ability to change the pricing of inputs because we depend on the purchase prices that the stock exchange determines. “

Daviel Drgoňa, Laná

Daniel Drgoňa

IT specialist of the Laná company

“ABRA Gen has offered us a trully complex solution, which also gives room to further development.”


“Our requirements were met by ABRA Gen. They were offering a truly comprehensive solution that gives room for development. Systems from the ABRA family have started to be used by other affiliated companies from the ŽHS concern, so we work with compatible reporting within ERP. Also, the price was competitive considering the features offered, “ explains Daniel Drgo why ABRAGen has succeeded.


The system was implemented without difficulty within a few weeks. The installation was carried out according to the two-way approved implementation study. In the first phase of implementation, the system’s default settings and user training were completed. In the next phase the system was adapted to the specific operating conditions of the company. After two months, Laná had been running on ABRA live.


“ABRA Gen has brought us an overview and data compatibility into our business. We have all the necessary information right at hand. We are able to handle the order in one place throughout its cycle. The ease of operation and a pleasant user environment is also important to us. As an IT person, I appreciate being able to manage the system myself, edit reports, etc. We do not need another specialist, which would cost us extra “, summarizes the benefits of Daniel Drgoňa.

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