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ABRA Flexi API is simple, clever, and it works with all our other systems.

ABRA Flexi Helps

  • Business data from the e-shop, brick-and-mortar stores and production travel via API to ABRA Flexi, where the accountant processes them as needed.
  • To manage their e-shop, in-store cash registers, warehouses and production, Le Premier use a specialized Odoo system, which had to be connected to accounting software. The key was a good API to make the connection fast and easy. That’s why they chose ABRA Flexi.
  • Orders, purchase of stock, sales and other data flow through the API to Flexi, where they are processed as needed. Customization is not a problem either. When Le Premier switched to A-based inventory accounting, the connection was customized.
  • Six people in the company use Flexi in the form of a desktop app. Employees in offices and stores work with Apple computers and tablets, so the fact that Flexi is compatible with iOs is welcome.
  • The IT department praises the smooth integration of programs, made cheaper and faster than competing solutions thanks to the well-written API.
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OBORTrade, Production
PLACEPrague, Brno, Hradec Králové

In 2011, there was little awareness of quality men’s fashion; Jakub Lohniský decided to raise it. He founded the blog Muzivcesku.cz which teaches us, among other things, that a polyester tie is not really a tie and wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a jacket is simply not done. The same year, he started the production of tailor-made shirts which later expanded to include suits, trousers, coats and jackets. Quality materials and especially exact measurement of customers in stores are crucial. These mesaurements are entered into an application that sends it to production. Le Premier sews 2,500 suits, 11,000 shirts and hundreds of trousers every year. In addition to brick-and-mortar shops, the company also operates an e-shop with clothing and accessories.

Jakub Lohniský, Le Premier

Jakub Lohniský

founder of Le Premier

„Our developers praise Flexi for the great API, I appreciate the reporting and the ability to clearly monitor the company’s performance.“

Advantages of Linking with Flexi: Automated Transfer of Business Data

A typical Le Premier customer is a man aged 28 to 35 who works in law, management or finance. These customers require quality service whie not losing time at the store. The combination of an individual approach and data automation perfectly meets their bespoke requirements. Thanks to the connection via API, everything is automatically synchronized and the information in both systems is always up-to-date. “Before deploying Odoo and ABRA Flexi, we were constantly facing system problems. Now we have finally reached the stage where everything runs smoothly, the systems work together and if we need new functionality, we can easily program it in our ERP system and quickly connect it with Flexi,” says Jakub Lohniský.

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