Business and financial processes in e-commerce are managed by ABRA Gen.

Lékárna.cz’s warehouses

Why Is ABRA Gen Helpful?

  • Thanks to its direct connection to the e-shop, it has records of all business and financial data coming through accounting and it enables the management to make quick decisions.
  • The efficient project management maintains control over all business processes.
  • It automates accounting processes – bulk invoice and advance payment processing, pairing and creating invoices, payment card advance notices.
  • Efficient management of receivables includes automated late payment notices.
  • The system prepares comprehensive reports in ABRA BI and enables you to approve documents in the Online Approval app.
FIELD Finance, Sklady, Trade
PLACE Pardubice region
WEB www.lekarna.cz

Lékárna.cz needed an information system which would understand the complexity of pharmacy business and e-commerce. The company needed a system that would accommodate the specificities of the pharmacy business, so the ERP had to be customized. Another important aspect was scalability, i.e. the option to gradually add to and develop the information system or limit it in other areas, as needed. The ABRA Gen information system was able to meet all of there requirements.

ABRA Gen’s Major Benefit: Management of Business and Financial Processes in E-Commerce

ABRA Gen records all business data in the Lékárna.cz e-shop. The company also took advantage of the fact that ABRA Gen is an open system and connected it with other specific systems. Data is collected in a single database in ABRA Gen, which helps with the management of the entire business.

The founder of Lékárna.cz Vladimír Finsterle relies on his perseverance and his long-term values. What is his recipe for success?


You can also watch the video in which the owner of Lékárna.cz speaks about efficient business management:

Vladimír Finsterle, Lékárna.cz

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