Consistent records of aviation production and servicing procedures.

Aircraft production at OK Aviation Group

How Does ABRA Gen Help?

  • It automates flipping ISDOC format electronic invoices within the individual companies in the group, which means significant time savings.
  • It manages the entire process of manufacturing and servicing aircraft, with detailed records of all procedures.
  • It helps with quick orientation in the warehouse by having materials stored in precise positions.
  • It maintains complete records for manufactured and serviced aircraft.
  • It supports consistent checks thanks to the fact that all documents are linked.
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FIELDFinance, Production, Warehouse, Trade
PLACECentral Bohemian Region

Through its five subsidiaries, the OK AVIATION Group provides its clients with everything they might need for private flying, from the manufacture and sale of the PILATUS, PIPER, DYNAMIC, ADVANTIC aircraft and servicing, through air traffic, to airport services and pilot training. The company was looking for a tool that would help with efficient management of the production and servicing processes and keep extensive records in one place. At the same time, they needed to simplify administrative tasks, especially when it came to issuing invoices between companies within the group. The ABRA Gen information system was able to meet all their requirements.

Kateřina Svatošová, OK Aviation Group

Kateřina Svatošová

General Manager, OK AVIATION Group

I appreciate the coherence of the information in ABRA Gen. The system knows exactly what to buy to complete each order. As a result, work efficiency and time savings in administration are high.

ABRA Gen’s main contributions: manufacturingwarehouse records, and financial controlling.

Thanks to the records of all production and servicing procedures, it allows technicians to prepare complete kits including all necessary parts, so they do not have to run to the warehouse mid-task. ABRA Gen always knows what parts are needed and helps with the ordering.

The CEO of OK AVIATION Group Kateřina Svatošová especially appreciates that the information in the system is interconnected, and the fact that the data enables her to see the whole story, at any time.

You can also watch a short video in which the CEO of OK AVIATION Group talks about efficient management of the company as a whole:

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