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How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Using its production, warehouse inventory and business agenda modules, the system allows consistent mapping of the entire production process, up to the shipping.
  • Through the CRM module, it analyzes the behaviour of customers and vendors, enabling the company to optimize the entire process.
  • It creates monthly consolidated reports that help the company management to decide on future strategies in individual territories, model series, or new products.
  • It records all work and technological processes.
FIELD Core, Finance, Production, Trade
PLACE Hradec Králové Region

The Czech company PETROF lacked the optimal management tool and was struggling with fragmented records and disparate data from many software applications. That’s why it has decided to modernize the business with the ABRA Gen all-in-one solution. The excellently carried-out implementation makes it possible for the company to concentrate on the production quality and trade.

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: customized CRM a integrated production

The CRM module has been customized to suit the needs of the customer and it helps the company analyze the behaviour of its customers and suppliers around the world in detail. By uniting all production and warehouse processes, the company has gained maximum control over the entire production.

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