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ABRA Gen prepares perfect reports for the parent company.

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How does ABRA Gen help?

  • It manages complete accounting and business agendas and manages receivables, wages, and Intrastat.
  • It provides regular reports to the parent company, where it also provides data from the Slovak branch together with the Czech data.
  • It creates managerial outputs, reports, and shows profits and sales – it is a standard part of monthly company meetings.
  • It keeps the warehouse organised.
  • The selles may issue invoices in the field, using a remote desktop.
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FIELDProduction, Trade, Warehouse
PLACEPardubice Region

In Pfahnl Backmittel, the ABRA Gen. information system belongs among the basic pillars of business activities and tools for the creation of multilingual management outputs prepared for the parent company in Austria.

Miroslav Lipavský, Pfahnl Backmittel

Miroslav Lipavský

Director, Pfahnl Backmittel, spol. s r.o.

“The ABRA Gen system is flexible in processing new requests. It will support our growth. Our plans are still bold, we would like to start our own production in the Czech Republic.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: integrated ABRA BI module

To create data cubes, Pfahnl uses an integrated ABRA BI module that automatically generates monthly reports and comparisons. It allows the company to report data in multilingual versions of balance sheet and profit and loss statement for both Austria and Slovakia.

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