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API ABRA Gen speeds up the work of e-shops.


How does ABRA Gen help?

  • With the inventory overview In each of the four online stores, it is possible to display the exact inventory level in real time. The inventory level is imported to the e-shop from the ABRA Gen information system.
  • With the order record. Accepted orders get to the information system through API, including prices and the associated company. Order information is used in issued invoices, delivery notes, and other items.
  • With the goods shipment.Fast processing of shipments is ensured by linking to the Balíkboot service, and also personal pickup is solved through the API: When the order is ready for shipment, the API function for the connection with the e-shop is activated instead of the package shipment. The e-shop will then send an email to the customer with the information that the package is ready for pickup.
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Studio 51 operates four online stores that are linked to the ABRA Gen information system. Thanks to the ABRA Gen API interface, the company manages to handle orders in minutes. Shipments are sent not only to Europe, but directly to the whole world. Maybe even in New York, where the package may arrive as soon as the next day.

ABRA Gen information system has helped Studio 51 with faster order processing and increased speed of work in the warehouse.

Ondřej Bělohlávek, Studio 51

Ondřej Bělohlávek

Managing Director, Studio 51

“We consider the API to be the key element of a modern information system and we’re glad, that ABRA Gen offers this option. Fast online communication of our online store with the information system allows us, for example, to transfer orders from the online store in real-time to ABRA Gen, or to display information about the current stock availability in all of our online stores.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: connection through API

Studio 51 operates four e-shops, uses the Balíkobot automatic package shipment service and has implemented ABRA Gen ERP system. Thanks to ABRA Gen API, the benefits of all mentioned systems connect to create one extra productive virtual machine.

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