Consistent production and warehouse organization.

Manufacture of Tubapack packaging

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • The ABRA Gen system records detailed product information, the exact time the batch was produced and the number of products in the batch.
  • ABRA Gen allows insight into product history anytime
  • Effective production control is solved by the use of PLM terminals
  • Warehouse organization is provided by ABRA Gen, using advanced 2D codes
  • Storing into the warehouse and quick transport of material into production is facilitated by a mobile terminal withthe WMS Mobile Terminal application (mobile warehouse keeper)
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A Slovak company, TUBAPACK, a.s., was looking for an information system that would bring a detailed insight into their production. It had a clear vision and was looking for its implementation. It required a reliable system of barcodes and their readers, production terminals and adjustable warehouses. For the production analysis or overview of the costs and profitability of orders, it needed to get current reports. They expected flexibility with customization options from the system.

All requirements of TUBAPACK have been met by a complex solution of the ABRA Gen all-in-one system.

Richard Paczelt, TUBAPACK

Richard Paczelt

Production coordinator, TUBAPACK, a.s.

“Mobile terminals help us not only with input material records but also when transferring products between warehouses and during the complete packaging and creating pallet labels that describe the finished and packaged products on the pallets. During pick-up, the terminal creates the delivery note.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: WMS Mobile Terminal and PLM terminals

Effective and flawless work in the warehouse is organized by ABRA Gen using barcodes and their wireless readers controlled by the smart WMS Mobile Terminal application (mobile warehouse keeper). Mobile material terminals are also used for transfering of the material from the warehouse to production, which is controlled using adjustable PLM terminalss

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