“ABRA Flexi helps us grow. Thanks to Flexi we are currently managing 7 eShops.”

How Does ABRA Flexi Help?

  • After five years with another information system, Petra Plemlová was looking for a solution that would enable a live link between the e-shop and the accounting program: “Thanks to the integration of Flexi and Shoptet, we are able to update our data on a daily basis.”
  • Invoices generated in the e-shop travel via the API to Flexi, which helps with efficent purchasing planning.
  • About five employees work with Flexi, all of them accessing it via the web interface.
  • Smooth integration was ensured by one of Flexi's partners, Dativery.
    FIELD Trade
    PLACE South Bohemian Region
    WEB www.unuo.cz/

    Barriers to business? “I managed alone with four children, so it can't be that hard.” Yes, that's right. A few years back, Petra Plemlová found herself in a difficult situation. She cared for her family, was studying at college, and started sewing and selling children's clothing. In the midle of the hustle and bustle, she paid no attention to the fact that her marriage was collapsing. The end of the marriage, paradoxically, led to a new beginning.

    She had to switch to practical mode, and had the idea to sell not only the clothes but also the fabrics left over from sewing. The idea caught on and Petra Plemlová started in her own e-shop. What is her main success? As a former kindergarten teacher, she knew how difficult it was to get thirty children to dress quickly and correctly before taking them on a walk. That's why she sews trousers with no pockets or zippers and with the same back and front, so children can easily wear them “the wrong way around”. Her collections also include jackets, hats and cowls, and recently began to include adult sizes for the mothers. They are colorful and full of cheery patterns, and are rain- and windproof. “A company is like clockwork; you can't have just a single cog sharpened. Everything has to work as a whole, from production planning to finance and marketing.” Petra Plemlová, founder of UNUO

    Main Advantages of Linking Your System to Flexi: Synchronization and Managerial Overview

    A successful Czech company manufacturing weather-proof clothing for children (and mothers) sells its goods through its own e-shops, Unuo.cz and Unuodesign.cz. The company's founder Petra Plemlová was looking for a solution that would allow the e-shop to be synchronized with the accounting program. She achieved this by linking her online store to ABRA Flexi – accounting data are now updated on a daily basis.
    Flexi helps with efficient planning, which is key to managing a company:

    “For me as an owner, live data is literally a treasure trove for managerial accounting and efficient purchasing planning.”

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