A wholesale company with a range of electronic building systems relies on ABRA Gen.

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Provides a sophisticated Call Center module.
  • Offers a Slovak version of the information system.
  • Allows for a sophisticated pricing, online responsiveness to all of the market-leading factors of the electronic security industry.
  • Supports business development especially in sales, unifies all information in one place, and especially in terms of business and relationships, makes the entire work system easier to understand.
FIELD Core, Finance, Trade
PLACE Vysočina region

VARIANT plus builds its business success on high-quality goods, a wide range of products that fully meet customer needs, their durable stock availability, high-quality technology background, advice, and flexible sales strategy, topped by sophisticated pricing, online responsiveness to all sales market factors for the electronic security industry buildings.

In 1990, ING. Juraj Urbančík, the founder of the company VARIANT plus, started his business journey in Košice, Slovakia. With several associates, he started with the sale and installation of mechanical security elements. He has achieved his financial success within a few months and has decided to leave his job and start a business. Through his acquaintance, he gained contact with the newly-established Canadian company Paradox and began ordering electronic security systems from them. “Four Czech-Slovak firms were customers of Paradox in the early 90s, but we have endured to this day,” commented on the post-revolutionary boom of entrepreneurs Juraj Urbančík.

In 1991, business activity consisted of 90% assembly and 10% sales. A year later, after the elections in Slovakia succeeded by Mr. Mečiar, J. Urbančík moved to the Czech Republic, where he felt greater business potential. He settled in Třebíč, which accommodated him by its position and size, and became independent from the companions. He built a stable trading company, which in the period from 1992 to 2001 had around 40 million CZK with about six employees.

In 2001, he began systematically expanding the product range, actively acquiring new clientele and maintaining stable customers. At that time, turnover rose to 60 million with eleven employees; the Paradox range accounted for roughly 60% of the turnover.

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