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ABRA BI reports gather comprehensive information from production, logistics, margins and product distribution, thus helping the company to respond flexibly to trends.

Pastry from bio-bakery Zemanka

How does ABRA Gen help?

  • Fragmented records have been integrated into a comprehensive system. An example is the CRM system, which has completely replaced the previous combination of external software and notes in Excel.
  • The work pace has increased and new opportunities have thus opened for the company.A production of gluten-free biscuits in Prague was added to the bakery near Sedlčany in the summer of 2016.
  • The steps required for the production and subsequent expedition are not only faster but also more accurate and largely automated. The ABRA Gen system helps the Zemanka bio-bakery to grow steadily.
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FIELDProduction, Trade
PLACECentral Bohemia Region

13 tons of biscuits are produced in the family bakery near Sedlcany every month. They are exported to 12 European countries. The annual production is about 160 tons of high quality bio baked goods, packaged in 1.6 million bags. The company, founded in 2006, employs 30 people and its turnover exceeded CZK 40 million.

The ABRA Gen information system has managed to adapt to the specifick production, which combines traditional recipe and modern technologies.

Jan Zeman, Biopekárna Zemanka

Jan Zeman

owner of the bio-bakery, Zeman

“Our production is specific – e.g. we cannot say exactly how many bags of biscuits is packed from certain quantity. It may vary in two or three bags. And that’s exactly where ABRA Gen is forthcoming; we’ll adapt our system exactly to our purposes.”

The main benefit of ABRA Gen: Effective production and online reports in ABRA BI

ABRA Gen is able to break down its production into several interlinked steps, which will greatly speed up the process. The material used is automatically written off in the inventory and reflected in the cost. From one point, it is possible to easily and quickly create all the documents related to the production.

Reports at ABRA BI make it easier for a company to decide what to focus on and which way to go. The data is in one place and the company’s management does not have to search for it from different sources. In addition, they can be measured and evaluated. The right data helped the company to optimize its internal processes – automation managed to cut ten percent of administrative costs.

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