ABRA Gen Remote Monitoring

We will watch the state of your system and prevent downtime.


Expert monitoring gives early warnings about impending downtime or non-standard behavior of ABRA Gen as well as problems with the hardware of software the system depends upon. This way, we can prevent crisis situations before they happen. In case of unforeseen events, we escalate the problem as soon as it happens, before the downtime is reported by users.

What Do We Keep an Eye on?

This service monitors the correct operation of the infrastructure linked to the ABRA Gen information system remotely. We monitor:

  • Key operational parameters of the physical servers, operating systems and of the network
  • Operational parameters of the MS SQL, Firebird and Oracle database servers
  • The ABRA Gen application server
  • ABRA BI and ABRA e-shop servers
  • API and web service servers
  • Automation servers
  • Backup servers

Finding out about the Problem

  • The monitoring system automatically sends an e-mail notification whenever the monitored parameters reach threshold values.
  • If the monitoring system discovers a threat to the availability of ABRA Gen, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification, which may also include recommended measures, if there are any.
  • If the monitoring detects that a service has failed, it can restart the service remotely, if possible.

You will gain access to the central monitoring portal, where you can follow the current status of your monitored services as well as the history of the monitored values.

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