ABRA Online, an information system on the Internet

Reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining servers and network infrastructure. Invest your time and resources rather in business development.


What is ABRA online?

With ABRA online you can run your information system over the Internet without having to install on your servers. Top experts take care of the traffic directly with us every day. This gives you more peace and less stress in dealing with downtime, development and maintenance of servers or other IT technologies. ABRA Online works exclusively with technologically highest components and its operation ensures continuous training of IT professionals, thanks to which we can ensure:

  • A high level of security for your data.
  • Optimized environment for ABRA Information System.
  • System availability at 99.99%.
  • Service supervision 24/7.
  • Access via the Internet from anywhere.
  • Complete management from a single supplier.
  • Automatic Version upgrade IS ABRA.
  • Continuous upgrade and update of all technologies and software.

Review the system requirements for trying ABRA online.

Service demand

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