Care for Data Backup

With our individual care for data backup you will never lose important business data.

Data backup and ERP backup operation

Description of ABRA Gen Backup:

  • We take care of daily data backup from ABRA Gen.
  • We store the data encrypted in our private cloud.
  • We continuously monitor backups.
  • Every month we check data recoverability from backups.
  • Guaranteed ABRA Gen Cloud Replacement in the event of a server failure.

What the service protects you from:

  • Data loss after a natural disaster that affects both server data and backups physically located in the same location.
  • Loss of data after theft of hardware with both data and backups.
  • Cryptovirus data encryption, which encrypts local servers with backups.
  • Failure of the operation of the information system and thus endangering the functioning of the whole company while waiting for a long time for hardware repair and subsequent recovery.

What the service will do for you:

  • Functional daily backup of data from ABRA SW up to 100 GB (ie daily backup of data and its storage in the data center servers).
  • Continuous monitoring of backups.
  • Backup restoreability test, which runs at least once a month so that the backup is automatically unpacked and ABRA SW is completely restored, followed by a startup test.
  • Guarantee of launching the replacement ABRA SW on the cloud platform within the next working day after the announcement of the request to launch the replacement ABRA SW operation. The replacement operation of ABRA SW is free of charge for 10 days from its launch.
  • Designing a backup method and maintaining it.
  • Stores one backup of data for each month, one backup of data for the previous week, and the last three daily backups of up to 100 GB.
  • Securing backed up data according to industry-leading data center security standards

Terms of Service:

  • Internet connection with at least 2 Mbit of outbound capacity (more for larger data volumes).
  • Current version of ABRA Gen with Firebird database.

Service request

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