Creating Custom Web/Mobile Applications

Make use of our experience creating apps for ABRA Gen and ABRA Flexi – but we can work with other systems as well.


We primarily create web applications, information systems and websites but also mobile apps. You can rely on 10 years’ worth of experience and our insight into modern technology.


Dobrý Anděl, TOTAL ČR, IMO Car Wash, BDP Wakestone, UPS-SCS

What We Can Help With

  • Complex solutions for your field (logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, B2B…)
  • Internal tools for simplifying processes or complete automation
  • Integration through REST API, SOAP, EDI, XML, JSON…
  • Barcode reader apps (mobile apps)
  • Web apps behaving like mobile apps (PWA)
  • Software communicating with one or multiple IS
  • Systems integrating several information systems
  • Information system superstructures
  • Administrating extant systems in .NET and PHP

We have experience with the ABRA Gen, ABRA Flexi, Pohoda, Sage, and SAP information systems and we will be more than happy to get to know yours.

What to Expect?

Don’t worry, we won’t pressure you into a custom solution if there already is one that would work for you. We will also point out any potential problems of the custom solution.

  • We will go through your project with you and evaluate all options.
  • We will make an offer for a study and a solution framework.
  • As part of the implementation study, we will create a detailed description of the solution and the final price offer.
  • We will build the system we agreed on together with you.
  • The hand-over is just the beginning: we will monitor, maintain and expand your system until your project is done.

Technologies We Work With


  • Adobe XD – during preliminary discussions, you will be able to see (and possibly even click) what we’re planning for you in wireframes.
  • Swagger – the app interface is built from the very beginning of the project.


  • .NET 5 – we can also work with PHP but we prefer .NET.
  • Blazor – JS was not for us, we went with WebAssembly.
  • Xamarin – mobile apps for Android and iOS are not a problem.
  • MS SQL, PostgreSQL – preferably, but it doesn’t have to end there, depending on your needs.
  • Tye, Docker – for unifying the production and development environments.
  • MSTest, xUnit, Moq – testing is a standard procedure.
  • TypeScript – if we do have to go into JS, we prefer this way.


  • Azure DevOps Server (pipelines) – to make sure our collaboration can be long-term; among other things, this ensures the automated set-up and implementation of your system.
  • Microsoft Azure – ideally, we take care of your system, not the OS.
  • Windows Server – we also know our way around Linux but our technologies are at home in Windows.

Service demand

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