Payroll Management

The service covers the entire pay agenda, but after agreement it can only offer partial regular cooperation in payroll processing.


We will assign you a specialist on payroll issues and related legislation. We will represent you in the State Administration, Tax Office, Social Security and health insurance administration, even in the case of checks. We guarantee confidentiality and maximum protection for your data.

5 Benefits of an externally guided payroll agenda for ABRA Software:

  • Assumption of risks associated with payroll processing
  • Secured substitutability in Payroll processing
  • Overview of the latest regulations and laws
  • 100% discretion preventing the leakage of sensitive information on wages of employees
  • Zero cost per Payroll module license in IS ABRA

More and more companies are using the Outsourcovaného service, which realizes that saved costs and time can more effectively address the subject of their business.

Service demand

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