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The API allows you to link an external System/application with ABRA Gen -for reading and writing.

Information System ABRA Gen is a comprehensive, reliable and thanks to the API also open.

They understand other systems with which they can communicate.

The result is easy data transfer and zautomatizovaný the process of repetitive issues.

the API is a natural part of the ABRA gene. Therefore, it respects its usual behavior and ensures data consistency.

Using the API is intuitive. It contains a powerful query language and provides easy-to-use documentation.

How the API works

Imagine a baby toy, in which different shapes are inserted. Each one is designed to fit into a specific hole. Wheel to the wheel. Asterisk in the asterisk. And so on. Communication between systems that are linked using the API works on a similar principle. They have an agreement: “If you give me this request, I will give you this answer.” Thanks to the ABRA gene API, the Data is accessible via URL links and available in JSON format.

API in practice

What does this link bring to users of information systems? Almost unlimited possibilities to improve everyday business processes. production Data is sent through the API to the system, where it can continue to workwith them. The field trader sends the quantity of goods sold via mobile , which is immediately deducted from the store. The manager will display corporate datain the smartwatch app anytime, anywhere . Just look at the left hand. The system also immediately shows the amount of fuelthat employees Natankovali during the business trip. Yes, it is. Data from fuel cards, which you pay on benzínkách, will be added to the information system thanks to the API.

Specific examples

  • Automated connection of ABRA Gen with Customer systems or suppliers.
  • Access data from the ABRA Gen for external analytics tools.
  • Connection of external e-shops, CRM and other special applications (web and mobile) to ABRA Gen.


What is an API abbreviation?

Application Programming Interface (API) can be freely translated as an application programming interface that allows you to easily access data in our information system. Thanks to the API, the Data is accessible via URL links and available in JSON format-the most widely used format for exchanging data. The API server is built on the REST architecture-this interface allows for uniform and very easy access to the data.

What is the main benefit of the API?

WebAPI ABRA Gen and everything around it is an open set of tools, functions and operations that the programmer has freely available. It can work with standard tools without needing to study complex documentation. Requests sent to programs convey with each other. The result is advanced automation that significantly saves time.

What is the difference between the API and WebAPI ABRA Gen?

An API is a general term that indicates an application programming interface. WebAPI ABRA gene is a specific solution from ABRA Software. Detailed information can be found on the product page.

What about security? Does anyone use the API to read my data from the system?

Access to the API is only allowed to users who have the appropriate permissions in the ABRA Gen. The API also operates standard permissions for accessing the series of documents, centers, and so on. When you make an API available to the Internet, you can use the secure HTTPS protocol, which makes all communication with the API encrypted.

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