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In the ABRA Gen information system we have prepared four useful tools:

Live Data Visualization

The very basic of the information system already includes for a perfect overview of your company condition in real time. You can immediately see relevant key indicators and charts:

  • How big margin will there be left for you and how much of it will be used up by the wages?
  • What is the average in your company?
  • Which items are sold the fastest and the slowest?
  • What development do the charts suggest?

There are over seventy charts and iconographic indicators in the entire ABRA Gen system. Take a look at some examples.

Browse through the charts views

ABRA BI Module

Do you need your own overviews, customized for your business?

Take advantage of the ABRA BI (Business Intelligence) module with unlimited possibilities of setting of your own charts and infographics. Includes automatic sending of overviews and the possibility to combine  information also from other sources. Available anytime, from anywhere – current situation on your computer, tablet, and smart watch.

ABRA smartwatch aplikace

Information in Smart Watch

You no longer need to pull out your computer at the meeting to quickly find important information. By a single touch on your smart watch display allows you to quickly and elegantly browse through the overviews and charts defined by you.

MS Excel Add-on for Absolute Freedom

Do you need to get the data from the ABRA Gen information system to your own tables?
Take advantage of the spreadsheet add-on, e.g. for reporting to the mother company or creation of advanced long-term planning system.

Doplněk MS Excel

ABRA Gen Information System

ABRA Gen is a smart and highly variable information system of the ERP class. Simplifies management in medium-sized and large companies, automatizes work and processes, helps to preserve resources, relieves from excessive administration and visualizes data from all company processes.

What does ABRA Gen system bring to entrepreneurs?


Maximum use of automated features for efficient business, saving of resources, and minimizing of unnecessary administration.


Linking all business processes, information, and documents offers new contexts, significant acceleration of work, and reduced error rates.


Easy to read graphic overview of business processes for quick and correct decision making. Possibility of Business Intelligence solution customized to your needs.

Linking of All Company Processes in the ABRA Gen system

Modern business uses the latest technologies and smart tools in all processes from bookkeeping to warehouse, from CRM to car log book. All in one interconnected system.

Diagram digitalizace ABRA Gen

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