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Don’t Look for New Resources. Do things Differetly.

In ABRA Software, we concentrate on replacing repeated tasks, which used to be carried out manually, by our smart software.

APIAutomation in Practice

Automation Server

For the setting of repeated tasks, an automation server, which can issue invoices, backup data, and perform task sequences, is used. Details about the automation server.


Automation of the company processes is also supported by ABRA Gen API. The programmers’ interface allows connection of our ABRA Gen software with other applications, making their communication available. Thus, the API brings endless number of possibilities of improving the operation of the company. Discover API.

Industry 4.0

Another thing that goes towards the trend is the digitized production (Industry 4.0), which organizes itself. Automatic devices, in this case software applications, link the entire chain from the first incentive to the delivery and after-sales service at the customer. More about Industry 4.0.

Ikona ABRA BIWell Arranged Data Visualization

ABRA BI helps with prompt decision making  – a smart tool for analysis wit immediate visualization. You will get a perfect overview, as the basis for strategic decision making.

Our technology allows you to connect any data source and it can process information from various internal systems including Excel and Google Docs. No need to replace them; anytime, anywhere. Just be online.

The required data are displayed on a well arranged dashboard, based on your predefined criteria.

Data visualization in practice

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