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Do business full and happy. Our information systems and services are here to help you.

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We offer a comprehensive solution to all corporate agendas for companies of all sizes.
A top information system, professional services and a sophisticated system of training are at your disposal, as well as our experienced consultants, so that you can do the full and hassle-free business.


Industry-leading ERP class information software. The information system will free your hands from unnecessary administration and offer you space for efficient business and maximum use of your potential. From efficient production to a functioning retail store, from a neat warehouse to flawless accounting, everything from a single supplier, in one system, clear and always at hand. Find out what the ABRA gene can do.

Outsourcing Services

Our professional services allow you to outsource a wide range of activities and agendas. From the Web, special applications, through IT to accounting, we provide you with a reliable and at the highest level. Our specialists with many years experience are ready to help you. What services can we provide for you?

Custom solutions

Do you need a tailored solution? We offer a wide range of possibilities to customise the information system as well as the service composition to make you truly beneficial. We are not just a supplier, we are your ally. Contact us and together we will find a solution.

ABRA Academy

Take advantage of the information system to the fullest – we will teach you how. A sophisticated system of training, seminars and webinars for users of the information system at all levels allows you to set up, control or adapt the system perfectly to your own needs. Discover learning Opportunities in the ABRA Academy.

Premium Customer Support

With confidence, contact our specialist consultants or Helpdesk. We have always been looking for the best solution for every customer since the beginning of our cooperation and are ready to help you with any situation. Contact us, we will be happy to help you and advise you.

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