Online sales through an e-shop

Start selling online. How to launch an e-shop in 10 days

Is the lack of personal contact with your customers causing your business a loss? It is time to start moving your sales online. How can you do…

Work from anywhere, in a cloud information system

Work anywhere you are. ABRA online in 1 day

Do you need to access the ABRA Gen information system online, from anywhere? The easiest and fastest way is to move the entire system into the…

An ERP system you will love

14 reasons why you should love your ERP system

You can always rely on it. It is there for you at all times. Two good reasons why ABRA Gen ERP is the best candidate for a long-term…

New Version of ERP ABRA Gen

Up-to-date regulatory version for 2020

A timely update to the current version of ABRA Gen 20.0.5 will make sure you are in compliance with all the legislative changes applicable as of January 1,…

Capacity production planning in the information system

Capacity planning in production

Modern capacity planning can help you maximize the use of your production resources. The entire production process will become more efficient, eliminating delays and…